Quick IRB Checklist and Forms

The following documents should be submitted when a request for an expedited (Category II) or full (Category III) IRB human subject’s review is made:

          1. Faculty/Thesis Research Cover Form or Student Research Cover Form
          2. Request to conduct studies with Human Subjects
          3. Informed Consent Letter (sample consent form)

Informed Consent: A sample of an appropriate informed consent letter is provided above with the IRB Human Subjects forms. The consent letter should include all project information reflected in the sample copy. Federal guidelines for documented informed consent include:

1. Adult Participants: 18 years and above 
2. Children Participants: 0-17 years, must have parental informed consent.         
3. Children Participants: 8-18 years, must have both parental informed consent and “assent,” informed    consent from the participant.          
4. A copy of the instrument that will be used to collect data for the project (survey, test, etc)
 The following documents are for class-related assignment (Category I). Please note that only the "Instructor Exemption for Class Projects" form, along with a class roll, should be submitted to the IRB for review.
1. Instructor Exemption for Class Projects Form
  The course instructors are responsible for completing the Instructor Exemption for Class Projects form and forwarding this, together with the class roll, to the IRB, Gregory Hall, room 456. The exemption is valid only for the academic semester during which the class project will be conducted.
2.  Approval for Classroom Activity
  Course instructors should review and approve the Approval for Classroom Activity form for each student, and should maintain a copy of this form in their class records. These applications are only for the use of the instructors - the IRB does not review them.
3. Class-related Informed Consent Letter (sample)
  Instructors must review and approve the informed consent procedures for all class-related projects. A sample consent form is provided to assist instructors with this process.

 All IRB human subject’s paperwork should be submitted to:
David Compton, Ph.D.
Palm Beach Atlantic University
Gregory Hall, 456
West Palm Beach, Florida  33401
(561) 803-2463