Behavioral Neuroscience

About the Major

Mission Statement

Behavioral Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary area of study that spans the fields of Psychology and Biology. The emphasis of this program of study is on the biological bases of human and animal behavior, which include the study of neural functioning at the molecular, cellular, and neuroanatomical systems level. Designed to include course work in psychology, biology, mathematics, and chemistry, the student is provided with a multidisciplinary foundation for understanding how behavior and thought processes are driven by neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, psychopharmacology, and genetics.

Students will be able to explore both human and animal behavior, the relationship between the brain and behavior, nerve cell structure and function, learning, memory, and cognition, and the neurological and behavioral effects of both therapeutic and recreational drugs. The major immerses students in an examination of fundamental concepts and principles in contemporary neuroscience as it relates to both normal and abnormal behavior, including an opportunity to consider the philosophical implications of physiology to our understanding of the mind.

Graduates of the behavioral neuroscience major are well-positioned to pursue careers that require quantitative and analytical thinking as well as substantive knowledge in human and animal behavior. The major also provides preparation for those who have an interest in pursuing advanced graduate and/or professional training in psychology, neuroscience, human medicine, veterinary medicine, the pharmaceutical science, or research with animals.