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Example 1. The C.S. Lewis Phenomena: Christianity and the Public Sphere

Dr. Samuel Joeckel and Chris Jensen

Example 2. The Christian College Phenomenon: Inside America’s Fastest Growing Institutions of Higher Learning
Dr. Samuel Joeckel and Dr. Thomas C. Chesnes

Example 3. Post-Mortem Length Changes in Six Florida Fish Species Stored on Ice

Dr. Thomas C. Chesnes, Dr. Raymond E. Waldner, & Cecilia S. Krahforst

Example 4. Witnessing the Eye-Witness Sites:  Researching Holocaust Concentration Camps in Poland

Dr. Lee Prescott

Example 5. Subtle but Persistent Effects Following Adolescent Exposure of JWH-018 “Spice” on Learning and Memory Performance in Adulthood

Dr. David M. Compton, Megan Seeds, Grant Pottash, Brian Gradwohl,  Chris Welton, & Ross Davids  

Example 6. Biodiversity of submerged aquatic vegetation in Lake Worth Cove, an undeveloped region of    Lake Worth Lagoon, Palm Beach County, Florida

Dr. Thomas C. Chesnes, Scott Duncan, and Dr. Kathryn Swick

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