Highlights of Research at Palm Beach Atlantic

Clinical Documentation for Patient Care: Models, Concepts, and Liability Considerations for Pharmacists.
Seena Zierler-Brown, Timothy R. Brown, David Chen, & Robert Wayne Blackburn More

A Slippery Slope to Secularization? An Empirical Analysis of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.
Samuel Joeckel & Thomas Chesnes More

The Unconverted Subconscious in Psychotherapy: Biblical Foundations, Psychological Explorations and Clinical Applications.
David K. Carson, Herdley Paolini, Dale Ziglear, & John Fox  More

“You’re Dixie’s Football Pride”: American College Football and the Resurgence of Southern Identity.
Wes Borucki  More

Spiritual Formation and St. Paul as Spiritual Director: Determining the Primary Aims.
Victor Copan  More

Personality Contributions to Belief in Paranormal Phenomena.
Cara L. Smith, Judith L. Johnson & William Hathaway More

5-Methoxy-N,N-di(iso)propyltryptamine hydrochloride (Foxy)-induced cognitive deficits in rat after exposure in adolescence.
David M. Compton, Kerri L. Dietrich, Melissa C. Selinger, & Erin K. Testa More

Survival of the Supported: Social Capital Networks and the Finish Line.
Mary V. Alfred & Carmela R. Nanton More

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